Save BIG Money On Your Property Insurance

1. Add fire sprinklers.

Add fire sprinklers.This can be an expensive project, but the break-even can be as short as 5 years. Insurance companies want sprinklers, because they can prevent a small fire from becoming a total loss. There are two basic types of wet sprinkler systems – residential and commercial. Residential systems are supplied by the domestic water supply line that also feeds your other plumbing fixtures. A commercial system has its own separate water supply line. Full coverage can cost anywhere from $2 – $10 per square foot, depending on retrofit challenges.


2. Add an electronic fire alarm system with smoke detection.

Add With a fire alarm system, all smoke detectors and heat detectors are tied to one central control panel. The fire alarm control panel acts like a PC that then decides what to do with the detector information. It can turn on horns and strobe lights to get residents out of the building. It can call the fire department. It can shut down furnace fans or start up exhaust fans to control smoke movement. Newer control panel also have software, that allow it to do just about anything you can imagine.


3. Upgrade to an addressable fire alarm system.

Upgrade to an addressable fire alarm system. Fire departments and insurance companies love these systems. Addressing allows each detector or pull switch to have a unique ID number. The control panel can use that ID number to display a very specific location number and description. Especially in larger buildings, this can save the fire department lots of time searching for the fire. If the system also has 24-hour monitoring, the fire department will know the exact device that initiated the fire alarm before they even leave the station.


4. Add remote 24-hour monitoring.

Add remote 24-hour monitoring.As mentioned above, this allows the fire alarm system to call a 24-hour phone center. Once the phone center gets the panel’s signal, they translate that code and then start calling the fire department and any other contacts that you’ve chosen to receive notification. Remote monitoring does carry a monthly fee for service. Also, be sure your system is working properly, or you’ll get some late night calls that you may not appreciate.


If you already have all of these, then the only other thing that can save insurance dollars, is to get these inspected/tested each year by a qualified specialist in these systems. It does’t make sense to have them, if they don’t work when you need them!

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