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Fire Alarm SystemsWe specialize in fire alarms! When you call us, we’re not going to try to sell you garage organizers, or burglar alarms, or central vacuums, or even computer networks. Iowa is one the most progressive states for fire code enforcement. Because of that, we know you need help figuring out how to satisfy the requirements while keeping your costs reasonable. For the owner of the building, and the fire alarm system, there are two very important factors:

  1. Cost
  2. Getting system information to the right people

Our niche market is multi-family housing. One design concept that makes both of the factors above much easier is networking. A networked fire alarm system can get information to the right people faster AND lower the operating costs of the entire complex. Types of systems we provide are:

  • Copper (RS-485) Network
    • Lowest cost to install
    • Highest risk of lightning damage (because copper is a great electrical conductor)
    • Lower monitoring cost by sharing one dialer (UDACT)
    • Central information annunciator at clubhouse/leasing office
  • Fiber-optic Network
    • Slightly higher cost to install than copper network
    • Low risk of lightning damage (telephone lines to UDACT are the only underground copper)
    • Lower cost of monitoring by sharing dialer (UDACT)
    • Central information annunciator at clubhouse/leasing office
  • Wireless Mesh Network 

Make sure your project engineer specifies a networked fire alarm system, or give us a call to discuss before you specify.

  • As an example, on a typical complex with a clubhouse and 5 apartment buildings, the owner could save over $150/month just on the monitoring fees.
  • Lightning damage could cost another $2000-$3000 a year or more.
  • By eliminating the phone lines into 5 of the panels, which is the highest risk wiring for lightning damage, you can save a lot on repairs also.

But these systems need more planning than stand-alone systems in each building. Plan ahead to save money.


Premier Partner Fire Alarm Brands:


Potter has reinvented themselves in the fire alarm space and is becoming the leader in cost effective fire alarm solutions for almost every application.  They are also the ONLY brand with both a proprietary and non-proprietary version that will fit 95% of all projects bidding today.  They have the most flexible network capability (including Class N networks) and even their smallest addressable panel and one conventional panel can be networked. They carry an industry-leading 5 year warranty on all parts.

Mircom Technologies (MGC)

Complete line of wired conventional and addressable fire alarm systems to meet any specification.  Mircom also has great card access, telephone entry, and emergency call systems.  They have a 3 year warranty on all parts.


Honeywell has the only complete stand-alone commercial wireless fire alarm system on the market.  A wireless system can save thousands of dollars and weeks of time over installing a wired system.  We've used these many times for retrofits on apartment houses with 16 or more units, due to new city requirements in some areas.  In their second generation wireless product, they have improved battery life, wireless signal strength, and flexibility of these systems to support wired AND wireless devices on one panel.  They carry a 2-year warranty on all parts.


Other fire alarm brands we service and test:

Advanced Fire



Honeywell/Silent Knight











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