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Severe Weather and Your Fire Alarm

by Adam Jacobs 9/21/2022
Severe weatheiinevitableand so ithneetensure that automatifire alarm systems are restoretfulworkinconditioaquicklapossiblaftethemergency iover. Here are a fetips thelfacility managers anauthoritiehavinjurisdictiodealinwitthiissue.
Prolonged Power Outage
Fire alarm systems havbackupowedesignetkeethe systeworkindurinthloss oprimary powefor a periootimeHowever, a prolongepoweoutagcadraibatterieand other backupower sources. Batteriewhich are drained completely manobabltbe reused. Be sure that albackupower supplieartestetensure theiabilittfunction properlohavthem replaced. 
Exposture to Flood Water
Fire alarm systems and manotheir componentare especially susceptiblto moisture damageAnytime wirinor componentare completely submersed, a thorouginspection, at a minimumis criticalOften componentnodesignefor a weenvironmenwilhavtbe replacedManufacturers of componentanequipment caprovidvaluablinformatioithis caseKeein minddamagfrom corrosioanotheeffectof moisture intrusion manot be seefor some time.
Lightning Strike/Significant Power Surge
properlinstalled, modern fire alarm system mahavbuilt-iprotectioagainst some othe damagthat cabe causeblightninor power surgesBuwhen a fire alarm system iexposetthis sort oenergyiiimportanthaequipment anwirinbinspectefoevidence odamageCircuiboardanwiring cabaffecteawelaother components.
Monitoring Service
Once thfire alarm systeitselhabeeinspectedtesteanibacifull serviceattention shoulturn to monitoringTypicallyphonlineand cellular communications systemare some othfirst systems to come bacafter a majoweather emergencybuthose lineof communicatiobetweethprotectepremiseand monitorinfacilitneetbverifiedThiiespecialltruwitwireless mesh aninternet-based communication systems.
Antime inspectioantestinofire alarm systems ibeindonethe requirementoNFP72®, NationaFire Alarm anSignalinCodappland shoulbfollowed. Jusaimportant awhaibeindone, iwhiperforminthinspectioantesting. A qualifiealartechnician shoulalwaybe consulted. 

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