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Wireless fire alarm can save money and headaches for commercial property managers

by Adam Jacobs 10/19/2021

Imagine if you didn't have to interrupt your tenant's business to add a few fire alarm devices in the space next door.

Imagine if there was never a dispute over whose responsibility the fire alarm is.

Imagine if you could add, move, and re-use devices on your fire alarm easily and quickly.


These dreams are all reality for our customers that use our commercial wireless fire alarm systems.  All smoke detectors, sprinkler monitoring, pull stations, heat detectors, and even most of the notification devices are wireless.  

In most tenant remodels, with wired devices, the owner/manager has no choice but to buy new devices and pay for them to wired.  Often this process results in new wiring running through another tenant space to get power or signal from the main control panel.  This is NOT the case with wireless.

With wireless fire alarm there is:

No new wiring through occupied tenant spaces.

Up to 2048 device addresses available per panel.

Easy relocation and even re-use of devices, if needed.

No "rats nest" of wires left above the ceiling after multiple remodels.


If you manage multi-tenant commercial properties, call us today to see how wireless fire alarm can benefit you and your properties.



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Saving Copper with Wireless Fire Alarm

by Adam Jacobs 10/19/2021

When comparing fire alarm systems, we consider lots of different aspects.  But have you ever considered what just the copper wire of the SLC (data) circuit costs?  In a system with 1000 initiating devices, at an average of 20 feet per device, the 18/2 FPL cable total is 20,000 feet.  The cost of that cable is approximately $85.00/thousand feet, at a wholesale level.  So just in the SLC wiring, a wireless system could save $1700.  Not to mention the countless hours it takes to pull in all that cable.  On the sustainability front, we would also save over 100 pounds of wire that will eventually be replaced with wireless anyway!

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