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Understanding CCTV and all its parts

by Adam Jacobs 10/19/2020

CCTV, first of all, stands for "Closed Circuit Television".  Although the acronym is a bit antiquated, the systems and their purpose are as relevant as ever.  Our customers are looking for ways to SEE what's going on.  Whether it's for security at night, to cut down customer (or even employee) theft, or for peace of mind when your gone on vacation, video security is a solution we go to for answers.  With all of the options out there now - high-end IP systems, DIY systems, internet kits, etc. - you have to know WHY you are buying the system.  These are the questions you need to ask yourself when looking at CCTV option:

What do I want to see?  This will help you decide how many cameras, what angles, how much light, etc.

What detail (resolution) do I need? This will help you set your budget, because a camera's price is based largely on resolution (pixels).

*** This answer may also determine whether you can do wireless cameras, or you need wired cameras for higher resolution.

How do I want to see it?  PC monitor in my home/office, smart phone app, website app, etc.

Do I want any video stored?  If so, you'll need a DVR on site, or a subscription to an off-site storage service.


Once you know these answers, you'll be ready to start comparing systems to find the one that fits your needs.

Call us, if you have more questions.


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Recycle all of it (almost)

by Adam Jacobs 10/19/2020

At American Alarms, we do our part to reduce the amount of waste we put out into the world.  Here are just a few of the items we re-purpose or recycle:

- Batteries

- Wire and cable

- Circuit boards

- Old CCTV monitors (even CRT)

- Obsolete alarm parts (when a customer upgrades)

- Obsolete CCTV cameras (when a customer upgrades)

- Miscellaneous electronic components

- Office computers

- Office paper and plastics


Do YOUR part by making sure the companies you hire are doing their part!




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